So you (hashtag) hate (hashtag) Twitter?

It's fleeting, it uses confusing 'hashtags' (like #awesomesauce), and it can give a new user a 'one voice in the crowd' sensation unlike any other social media platform. It's no huge surprise that many tried and true Facebook users steer clear of the platform, but are they missing out? There are a host of objections … Continue reading So you (hashtag) hate (hashtag) Twitter?


Going ‘viral’

It was a social media 'buzzword' for years. Many still see it as the holy grail of social media engagement, but is it really what you want? I've been 'viral' twice. Proper 'why are so many people reading this', stats increasing a hundred-fold, all eyes on me, viral. The thing is it was subjective. My … Continue reading Going ‘viral’

(1 reason) Why Facebook posts won’t share to other pages

A client recently encountered a new challenge on Facebook (something we've all experienced during a Facebook 'update' at some point). For some reason their (very much public) posts were not sharable on other business pages. When we tried sharing the warning message came up: "Sorry but the privacy setting on this page means that you … Continue reading (1 reason) Why Facebook posts won’t share to other pages