Take the hassle out of building content for your social media profile, blog, or web-site. As a starting point I use a short interview (either e-mail, in person, or over the phone) to understand more about your business, allowing me to offer authentic, personalised content. This ensures that content flows seamlessly alongside your own. What’s more, this deeper familiarity allows your ‘voice’ to still be heard, despite the content being written by someone else.

I write children’s books and I have experience in both corporate and academic work. Clients include Johnston Media, Famous Grouse, Kids Week in Crieff and a selection of small businesses in Perthshire, Scotland. My background incorporates web management, academic research, and writing both fiction and non-fiction books. My experience allows me to draw on a wide range of writing skills to create a variety of different content. I can provide short informational bursts (e.g social media posts), mid-length pieces (blog posts), or full-length projects (such as a full website copywriting or proofreading).

Please contact me with any questions.