Reports are a standard part of our working lives. However, writing them doesn’t have to be. It isn’t ‘cheating’ to outsource some of the workload, leaving you to get back to the day to day practicalities of your work.

My academic and corporate background familiarised me with a host of presentation formats to suit most tastes (from one-page summaries, to PowerPoint presentations, to in-depth data presentations). I am also happy to discuss producing longer texts such as booklets or full books if required.

Due to the varying nature and workload involved in creating a report, I can’t give a fixed price for this service. However, my current working rate is twelve pounds per hour. Please get in touch with any queries, or to arrange a quote.

(Please note: I include a full redraft in with the price but I am also happy to provide access to a working copy of the text via dropbox as it progresses. I find it expedites the process for everyone when this kind of access is available.)

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