A client recently encountered a new challenge on Facebook (something we’ve all experienced during a Facebook ‘update’ at some point).

For some reason their (very much public) posts were not sharable on other business pages. When we tried sharing the warning message came up: “Sorry but the privacy setting on this page means that you can’t share in on…(‘Page B’)”

A lot of head scratching, and serious trail and error, got us to the root of the problem: the new ‘message me now’ button that can be added to business posts.

The issue seems linked to the reader’s perception of which page they are messaging. If page B shared a ‘message me now’ post from page A then does the user expect to message page A or page B?

It would seem that (and this one actually makes sense) Facebook has chosen to remove the chance of confusion by disabling shares on ‘message me now’ posts.

If you want your posts to remain sharable then for now you’ll have to stay away from that ‘message me now’ button and be content watching the comments for feedback.

Hope this helps solve a little (but frustrating) problem.

Have you encountered any other issues which make sharing business posts difficult/impossible? What work-arounds did you use? Feel free to comment below.

Thanks for dropping by, all the best John

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